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The preparation of a BAS is not necessarily simple.  The act of communicating information to the ATO, and often the large monies involved with the subsequent payment, makes the BAS preparation and lodgement an important business event. 

Our Westcourt BAS preparation team are fully committed to getting it right first time on time – and we do so with upfront fixed fee processing.  And we assist businesses with their BAS from small medical practices to larger clients with over 300 staff. 

At Westcourt we treat the preparation of each BAS as a tax reporting event.  We prepare detailed workpapers explaining how we prepared the BAS and how it reconciles back to the work – so if for whatever reason you need to look back at how a number was derived the workpapers and evidence is on hand to show why the BAS was done that way. 

Further, our deep knowledge of cloud accounting software will allow us to automate mundane repetitive tasks with the BAS preparation so we can create a cost effective solution for your business.  And we can extend our services, for a small quoted fee, to look at the rest of your business and the data prepared within your business.

In effect the wages disclosed in your BAS should agree to the wages reported in your Single Touch Payroll reports.  The sales represented in your BAS should agree to the sales in your profit and loss and the GST bill in your BAS should agree to the GST bill in your accounts – this is the type of check that Westcourt does when we are engaged to prepare and consider your BAS properly. 

For many clients the BAS lodgement will reflect part of a deeper tax strategy.  That strategy might be the increased payment of monthly tax instalments to manage your companies franking account, tracking the fringe benefits tax instalment in the BAS or correctly recording a fee across different entities with the GST correctly recorded both ways.

Further lodging a BAS should be done on time.  Late BAS lodgements can impact a business with obtaining a Tax Clearance Certificate or they can attract a range of penalties that strain a businesses finances. 

Further, for offshore businesses operating in Australia – engaging Westcourt to prepare your BAS will simplify your local team from investing in Australian tax law requirements and changing administrative positions – all while being cost effective.

If you want your correspondence with the ATO to be correct first time, you want a leading edge tax technical team in full control of your ATO communications and you want a consistency of service in getting the BAS lodged correctly first time by a team of tech-savvy accountants then Westcourt BAS preparation services are natural fit for your business – so call us to have a chat.  

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