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“All good things must come to an end.” – How does the tax system apply then?

The tax effect on liquidating a company was probably not what Geoffrey Chaucer was contemplating when he created his fam...

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Why your family business should offer shares to your staff

So we have given everybody a raft of reasons why issuing shares to staff in your family business is a bad idea.  However...

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A tax deductible mid-life crisis? 7 Options

So.  I am now 45.  You cannot really argue that 45 is “early 40’s”.  Especially as an accountant.  It gets you thinking....

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Giving your staff shares in your family business can be a bad idea

At some stage in a family business the question will come about: should I give my staff equity? Almost universally the a...

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How is a deceased estate taxed?

Sadly death comes to everybody.  It is a natural part of life. When a loved one dies it is a time of reflection, mournin...

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A non-exec director can destroy a family business

The benefits of an independent board of directors are numerous. You enjoy discipline, outside thinking and you enjoy a l...

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Negatively geared rental properties under a government tax attack

Recent government tax changes have affected the negative gearing of rental properties. However the changes, while signif...

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Unit trusts and property investors: a perfect combination for your family

The much maligned unit trust has a key role in families undertaking property investments. Why most accountants do not li...

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Doubling your superannuation tax deductions through reserves

It would be great if life operated in a straight line. Your business would slowly go on a nice upward trajectory year in...

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