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Our blog is created by us. It is our thoughts and ideas on how a family in business can become great.

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New high income threshold

By Westcourt Blogger The Fair Work Commission has increased the high income threshold for unfair dismissals from $136,70...

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The difference between short-term and long-term financing

By Westcourt Blogger Maintaining healthy cash flow can be challenging; between ongoing expenses and bills, poor cash flo...

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Intellectual property law basics

By Westcourt Blogger While intellectual property can be a valuable business asset for business owners, it must be legall...

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Converting property into super

By Westcourt Blogger Individuals can minimise capital gains tax (CGT) when selling an investment property where proceeds...

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Getting started with an SMSF

By Westcourt Blogger Starting a self-managed super fund (SMSF) may be a good idea for those after more control over inve...

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ATO crackdown on work-related expenses

By Westcourt Blogger The ATO is currently targeting work-related expenses by taking a closer look at unusual deductions ...

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The difference between debt and equity financing

By Westcourt Blogger Business owners now have a variety of financing resources they can utilise to build their business....

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ATO warns pre-retirees on SMSF tax schemes

By Westcourt Blogger The ATO has its sight set on individuals participating in an increasing number of aggressive tax av...

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Five reasons to write a Will

By Westcourt Blogger Those who don’t have a valid Will are overlooking a significant opportunity to plan for their famil...

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