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Our blog is created by us. It is our thoughts and ideas on how a family in business can become great.

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The labour government denial of franking credit refunds: 4 SMSF strategies to consider

The current labour government proposal to remove the refund of franking credits for SMSF’s and other taxpayers is a sign...

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Debt recycling to get your family ahead

A lot of business owners and families in business in Perth actively look at debt recycling.   And at its essence, the co...

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Labour’s attack on negative gearing: how to structure your portfolio

We have seen numerous examples of governments attacking the tax benefits of negative gearing.  However,the most signific...

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Using Hubdoc and Receipt Bank to automate paperwork and date entry in a family business.

It is a sad fact that doing the accounting taxation, and financial management for a family business in Perth involves a ...

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Getting ready to transition your family business

The act of moving the family business from one generation to the next is a life long journey.  It is affected by the loc...

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When can a binding death benefit nomination be a bad idea?

Estate planning for business families is difficult.  There is a raft of legal terms like enduring powers of attorney, te...

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Why saving tax is the wrong place to start family business succession

The discussion of succession in a family business in Perth is difficult.  Often the conversation is difficult and taxati...

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When a family member changes their tax residency

If a member of a family (in business) changes their tax residency they have a lot of short-term tax issues and strategic...

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Five things the ASX 200 can learn from family businesses

We often find advisors will shine a light on mega-corporations and tell family-owned businesses that “this is what you n...

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