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Our blog is created by us. It is our thoughts and ideas on how a family in business can become great.

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How the new R&D Tax changes will affect family businesses

For a long time government has been concerned that the R&D tax system is being abused.  And with a recent cases of t...

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Understanding how foreign exchange markets work

Many Perth based family businesses are looking internationally for growth.  And as soon as you talk about dealing offsho...

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Let’s tell the truth – the paperless office is a myth

Sadly the accounting function in a family business is typically covered in a tonne of paper. Very few businesses in Pert...

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The financial aspects of a divorce

A preliminary guide to common issues asked by couples who are separating. The act of leaving a spouse is always difficul...

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10 questions to ask when choosing your accountant

Choosing an accountant can be difficult.  Cutting through technical jargon and marketing hype is a daunting process to a...

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The new rules of finance can catch your unawares

We have known for a long time that most home owners are not aware of their interest rate.  In fact a staggering 85% of b...

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How to avoid lodging a fringe benefits tax return

Many family businesses in Perth simply want to cut red tape.  And the act of lodging a fringe benefits tax return is sim...

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Tax implications on different forms of property

The concept of property is simple.  It is a bit of dirt.  However the legal ownership of property investing alters the t...

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Tax tips & traps: Investing overseas

Owning a rental property overseas can be a great idea for a business family.  It gives you diversification, tax perks an...

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