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The process of undertake business accounting is to give businesses a real insight into the operation and performance of their business.  Ranging from annual financial report preparation, board packs, monthly management reports or real-time key performance indicators the Westcourt business accountant team is designed to give families that own businesses meaningful information about the performance of their business – together with the other users of the business financial reports.  

At Westcourt we get that.  The business accounting process needs to be tailored to your end needs – ranging from a yearly process for micro/small operators that really only need the accounts to show the ATO to larger organisations that need business accounting process to let them know what is going on.

Our commitment to business accounting through preparation of cashflow statements, profit and loss reports, balance sheets – tailored for the end user makes our business accounting and financial statement preparation process fit for purpose.  For many families in business we will prepare the same set of financial statements differently for different users – the AGM will often contain reduced accounts, the ATO reports will typically be quite detailed including a reconciliation of accounting income to the operating profit and the management reports will often be very high level so management can pinpoint areas of focus that then need a deep dive.

Our tailored collaborative approach to accounting for businesses means that we will actively work with your team to get the best result for your family and your family business.  In most instances our clients will engage their own full-time financial controller, office manager, bookkeeper or CFO who is typically responsible for data entry and management reports.  And our collaborative approach to business accounting means that we will be engaged to support and review your current team – not work against them.

The advent of cloud accounting has made our role significantly easier in supporting the business accounting process for our client’s finance teams.  The ability to access the cloud software programs for our clients, drill down and provide quick answers has helped us simplify many processes for our clients that previously took a significant amount of time – and because we don’t keep timesheets we are happy to take client calls that we can fix “on the spot” rather than drag out the business accounting process into a long-winded saga.  We want to simplify the business accounting work so we can focus on what accountants are good at – generating value and insight to positively change future business decisions.

At Westcourt we have specialist business accountants on hand with post graduate qualifications to support our knowledge.  Our commitment to only providing advice to families in business, a Xero Gold Champion practice and deep global accounting network means that we are a natural choice for preparing financial reports and business accounts – so why not call us today.

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