This is how we have helped some family businesses with real life examples

Fixing a loan restructure in the bud

A family was selling a commercial property from the parents to a child in the family (there were 5 children). The sale w...

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Massive interest remission of $167k

A family came to us with a difficult and confusing array of structures and business reporting systems. After a lot of wo...

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Family selling their business uncovers an old problem

We were helping a family sell their business.  And as part of the process we reached out to extended family members and ...

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International manufacturer setting up in Australia

A business family in the United States wanted to set up an Australian operation for their manufacturing business.  Their...

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Restructure of loans creates a great tax outcome for a regional business family

A family had a long term relationship with their bank.  And despite repeated attempts to clear their personal debts they...

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Inheriting old problems – a saving of $270k

A client came to us with a problem.  Their prior accountant had not managed their accounts and tax returns properly. The...

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GST Problem Identified Before Audit

A new client to the practice attended to the sale of a residential property development.  Sadly their previous advice wa...

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Life Emergency Planning saves a headache

A client approached us with a significant investment portfolio.  The initial engagement was a simple preparation of a ta...

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Estate with no will – $70k saving

A person had recently died without a will. Their assets really only amounted to a superannuation fund with around $320,0...

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