Claiming tax on business conferences


Ross Forrester: 00:06 Hey guys, I’m Ross.

Joe Demarco: 00:08 Hey, I’m Joe.

Ross Forrester: 00:10 Today we’re going to have a talk about the beloved conferences. A lot of people think of a conference as a bit of a business junket, but from a tax point of view, there’s a fine line between what is a conference and what is a bit of a trip with your mates? If you’re traveling on a conference primarily for work, all of your food, accommodation, incidentals associated with the conference, plus the conference cost itself is fully tax deductible.

Joe Demarco: 00:40 Now, there’s our statute definition of what constitutes a tax conference, and that is one that is normally four hours at least in duration, and that will be 100% tax deductible to their business.

Ross Forrester: 00:55 Yep. So the primary takeaway here is a structured seminar or structured conference with an agenda that goes for at least four hours in a day, you’ve got to be traveling primarily for work, and if you do travel more than five days you need to keep a diary, but if you’ve got a conference or a business seminar going on, more often than not your conference agenda actually doubles up as a really good travel diary.

Ross Forrester: 01:21 Thanks guys. See you later.

Joe Demarco: 01:22 See you.

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