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Through programs like Xero and QBO, the application of cloud accounting has changed the way small and medium-sized businesses run their business. At Westcourt, we are a 100% fully cloud-based practice committed to the bespoke application of cloud accounting programs to focused commercially-run SMEs around Perth and Australia.   

Cloud accounting is more than simply locating the server away from your office. The primary benefit of cloud accounting is artificial intelligence to automate data entry and simplify bookkeeping. And this automation has opened up resources for bookkeepers to take on a CFO role and add value to the business – where Westcourt operates. 

In effect, the primary task of cloud accounting – automating data entry and simplifying the bank reconciliation- allows faster bookkeeping and real-time reports to obtain visibility in your organisation – together with mobile capabilities and collaboration across teams.   

Importantly Westcourt is not 100% devoted to one program. We believe that every business is unique, and solutions across different platforms will create better outcomes. So, while Xero is easily the best cloud accounting program for most SMEs in Australia – it is not the sole solution. And if your business has unique needs or your existing finance team (or you) are already skilled in one particular program, we will collaborate across multiple platforms to create a solution that works best for your business and your family. 

The use of additional cloud software programs beyond the general ledger for bespoke needs is also a game-changer for SMEs. Historically the bespoke needs of businesses could only be catered for by larger (much more expensive) software programs like SAP, Navision, Attache or MYOB_Exo. And while our larger clients use these programs – the smaller and middle-sized markets cannot afford the “whole of the business tailored solution”. 

So, if you are a real estate agent, we will work with Property Tree or Vault Re. We will work with a chain of restaurants and recommend Key Pay, and a law firm will likely use LEAP. Alternatively, a small contractor might use QBO because of the price. Importantly we work to create the best outcome for your team – either getting the most out of your current program or tailoring modular programs to fit your special needs.   

At Westcourt, we are ideally placed to help you with your cloud accounting software needs. We are 100% cloud-based practice, and we have gone through the journey of becoming fully cloud-based. We are an independent agent and don’t have all of our clients on one platform (like Xero, as good as it is). And we are part of an international network to assist you with your cloud software needs as you manage projects and teams offshore. So – why not call us today, and we will help you get the most out of your business.   

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