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Families looking to invest overseas or invest into Australia need specialist international tax services to help them understand the myriad of laws impacting to their overseas operations.  This can include GST/VAT, transfer pricing, thin capitalisation, withholding taxes and statutory financial audits.

Westcourt is well placed to provide international tax services to commercial global families who are fundamentally not seeking the same tax advisors that are helping, say – Google or BHP.

The international tax advice provided by Westcourt is focused on smaller emerging middle market businesses seeking to create or manage a branch office in another country.  This position is typically done as part of a strategy for a global footprint but are also at families looking to simplify transactions and streamline tax governance.

Westcourt’s expertise in Simplified Transfer Pricing Record Keeping Obligations and exemptions from thin capitalisation tests or exemptions from employee PAYG Withholding obligations are one of the ways that we help a commercial family business reduce administrative overhead and reduce the administrative on their teams.

Further, many business operations in Australia simply have not yet established a permanent establishment in Australia.  So they are exempted from preparing an Australian tax return or Australian financial reporting.  And our focus on the smaller to middle market client base gives us an edge in identifying and simplifying the ways that global families can enter the Australian market.

For families relocating to Australia, we have a deep skillset in tax residency, structuring assets for assets protection, structuring superannuation funds including offshore rollovers and attending to foreign currency calculations for assets that make a significant difference to the family’s long-term planning.

Our expertise as international tax consultants can also be seen through our representation with GGI Global Alliance, where Westcourt team members are part of the senior leadership group for the International Tax Cell within GGI.  Westcourt has also presented as keynote tax speakers throughout South East Asia (Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali + Phuket) on tax residency, transfer pricing, thin capitalisation, foreign purchaser surcharge and the tax register of foreign property ownership together with local presentations to Australian accountants and lawyers.

We are also deeply skilled in US business operating mining services in Perth, tax services for USA Citizens and UK residents relocating to Australia and Australian businesses expanding to the UK, USA and New Zealand.

You should choose Westcourt as your tax advisory team because:

  1. Our deep global tax connections with over 29,000 staff through the GGI Global Alliance Network allow you to obtain a single piece of tax advice.
  2. Westcourt team members have evident international tax expertise, and we have been keynoting tax speakers at Crown Perth on complex global tax issues.
  3. Our international tax expertise has resulted in us being requested to present tax advice outside of Australia.
  4. We started a business ourselves – and we appreciate how difficult it is to access advice offshore and the sometimes nonsensical costs presented to businesses when looking beyond Australia.
  5. We have dedicated international tax advisors skilled in residency and relocating globally mobile families.
  6. We understand the importance of death taxes and structuring for death tax minimisation, especially for families that have moved countries across their lifetime.

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