•  Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)
  •  Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting
  •  Chartered Accountant

Mel is a long term and committed team member of the office starting in 2007. Her contribution to the practice over that time is a significant factor in our ongoing success.
Mel’s academic talents saw her selected to a school for gifted students and resulted in her employment while she had just started studying at university. Her different view of the world coupled with her keen mind saw Mel sailing through her post graduate studies and now translates into the solutions she creates.

She is particularly skilled at leveraging technology for clients in a different way to create value. Mel has a depth of experience in construction, technology and retail where she supports her clients, their office managers, bookkeepers, accountants or CFOs to produce insightful, timely and accurate reports.

Mel is the Calxa reporting champion for the practice and is skilled in all facets of business reporting. She has recently honed her skills in foreign currency reporting and forecasting across different countries. She is also focused on system automation and her contribution to the practice has seen us migrate to many innovative software solutions that gives us a competitive edge. Mel’s strongly advocates and implements the system of “eliminate, automate, delegate”.
Outside of work Mel plays hockey at an elite level and has held senior leadership roles within Hale Hockey Club. She also enjoys a round of golf when time allows and going for rides with her 5 year old “rascal”.

Mel is currently out of the office on Maternity Leave.

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