Why use us

Westcourt only focuses on family owned businesses.   That translates into great advice for our clients.

While a lot of our competitors inherited their business from a retiring accountant or pay franchise fees to a business in Sydney or Europe for branding rights, our directors started this business from nothing.

We face the same pressures other business owners face and we have had real life experience in running a successful family business. That translates to better advice for our clients and a better understanding of our clients.

You're not just a number to us. We deliberately keep our practice small so that we can provide personalised service to every client. We know your name and your business, and we look after you.

We look at the lifetime value of relationship; not just the current assignment value.
Consistency long-term

The directors of this business have been helping our clients for over 15 years. Our senior managers have been with us for 5 to 10 years.

We are in this for the long haul, so if you want a relationship that will last for decades you can rely on us to be around for decades to help.

Getting the basics right is extremely important to us to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. We return phone calls, we answer questions quickly, we lodge forms on time, and we keep our promises.
Getting it right the first time, every time, is the cornerstone of how we operate and how we add value.

It may seem like a given to the average person, but we are amazed how many of our competitors don’t even do the bare minimum to meet client expectations.

"If everything is important then nothing is important": Patrick Lencioni
We have one focus: we give great advice to privately held businesses and the families that own them.

We do not help schools, hospitals, utilities, government, defence, film & TV, charities, banking, ASX listed entities, individuals with simple affairs or undertake forensic matrimonial work.

We do not sell investment product or insurance products. We are not actuaries. We do not sell real estate. We do not do liquidations. We are not lawyers. We do not do audits.

If you want a firm that does all of that in one place, then we are not for you. However it might be worth asking: if your firm focuses on all of that, how can they be focused on you and your needs?

By concentrating on one thing and doing it well, we have ensured that we are industry leaders in advising businesses to achieve their best.

As a group who started a business from nothing, we understand how tight cash can be. We know first hand how important it is to receive good value for money.

We are committed to providing cost effective solutions so that family business owners can consistently turn to us for help and advice throughout their life no matter what their financial situation.

We have a transparent fee structure

At Westcourt we know how much impact hidden costs can have on your bottom line, which is why we never raise an invoice without issuing a quote to you in advance.

Each time we give a quote for a service we give you options. You can choose how much involvement we have in your business and which service/s you would like us to provide to best suit your needs.

You can then opt to pay per service, or we can agree on a fixed monthly fee, whatever works best for you.

Experienced employees

An intense development program means our office is filled with committed and successful business people who know how to deliver great results. And with 18 committed professionals on hand you can be sure that you will have a great advisor at your beck and call with the answers you need all the time.

Local with international connections

As the Perth office of Geneva Group International we have the support of 25,000 professional advisors across the world.

Whether you are setting up a sales office in Singapore, selling a holiday home in Spain, buying a new apartment in Melbourne or looking into 6 week construction project in Dubai, we can draw upon GGI’s resources and collective knowledge to get the right tax and regulatory advice in that country.

We are licensed by ASIC to give strategic (limited) financial advice so that we can consider your overall goals and endgame. We own our ASIC limited license, meaning we are not using the ASIC licence owned by a bank or private equity group (or a shadow arrangement like that) and secretly being encouraged to promote certain types of investment.

There is a saying – advice is independent, impartial and unbiased. Under that definition, we at Westcourt give advice.

We go to great lengths to make sure every member of our team stays at the top of their game - we even employ our own business coach to push us to be great on every level.

Our staff undertake at least 50 hours of internal training a year, plus an additional 40 hours of structured external training. We also meet with other advice businesses to discuss the latest advances in technology and services.

The end goal to that is our clients enjoy the best solutions possible and the latest advice leveraged through technology.

Cloud technology

We are a Xero Gold partner, a milestone that was a result of us embracing a range of cloud solutions for our clients. Every cloud platform is different and cloud technology must work for you: not you for it.

For this reason we made it our goal to understand cloud technology so that we can make informed choices as to the right platforms for you and your business.

Innovation and taxation.

We also love innovation in taxation. Our tax director sits on the WA Technical Liaison Committee for the Taxation Institute of Australia and we are CCH Gold Partners, giving us the same level of insight into advances in the industry as any international accounting firm.

It should never be difficult to get in touch with your advisor. We make it simple for our clients to contact us; everybody has a direct line, so if you call us you will get us straight away.

It's easy to meet with us in person, too. Our offices are located just 800m from the Freeway exit; a free CAT bus drives past the door every 15 minutes and we are a 10 minute walk to the Claisebrook train station. We have plenty of parking behind our building and you can walk to the CBD in 25 minutes.

We also happy to travel to your office, factory, plant, farm or home at short notice.



Relationships with our clients are more important than time sheets.

Relationships with our clients are more important than time sheets. We offer a number of alternative pricing arrangements, including straight time-based billing, to suit our clients' requirements.

We chat with you to determine what will work best for you, and then develop the most effective strategy and pricing arrangement according to your needs. We aim to provide you with certainty and eliminate hidden costs by scoping and pricing our work up front.

We can charge you a fixed price for any fixed project. We will quote you a price and stick to it - if there is a change in the agreed scope of work, we will send you a variation detailing the new scope and the price for that change.
We do not charge success fees, or fees as a percentage of an outcome. Our advice to you is objective and not conflicted.

With a monthly retainer agreement, we charge you a fixed periodic fee for an agreed scope. A retainer provides you with a level of control that hourly billing cannot provide. This means you know exactly what you will pay to get the result you want.
We regularly review the terms of the retainer with you to ensure it remains fair to both parties.

We can charge you a fixed price for each stage of a project. We work with you to properly scope what you are contemplating, determine the stages involved and then agree a fixed fee with you for each stage.
We do not charge success fees for event-based work. Providing conflict-free, independent advice is paramount to our practice.

We incorporate all disbursements into our price. You will not agree on a price and then see an additional cheeky line adding “postage and petties” or “photocopying” to the invoice.
Large one-off costs, like an express courier, legal fees or flight costs, will be charged separately, but we will discuss these costs with you in advance before any fees are incurred.
If you wish to pay by credit card we will charge the additional cost of the credit card.

A significant part of determining what is a fair price includes getting a clear understanding of our role in your business. Some people want our administration staff to retype numbers, so the scope is extraordinarily narrow. Other people will ask us to consider all possible government initiatives, strategies and legislation that might potentially be relevant to their position, so the scope is much more comprehensive.
The important part of the process is understanding your position, what is requested, and agreeing on a reasonable price for the services required. It is essential to us that you are happy with the process and the pricing.

As a guide, the directors find it difficult to assist people if our remuneration is below $2,000, as this restricts our ability to give our clients the time we feel is necessary to get the best results. We are always willing to make exceptions to any rule, and our managers are more than happy to look after up-and-coming people for a lower price point.

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