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If staff are your most valuable asset the ability to pay them on time, correctly, every time must be one of your most valuable skillsets. 

At Westcourt we can process payroll for a range of small and middle sized employers with complex reporting, employee tracking and payroll compliance solutions.  Ranging from Single Touch Payroll reporting, calculation of superannuation, payment times, ATO BAS reporting, employee payslip distribution and physical payment of wages from your bank accounts. 

And we appreciate that payroll is a mission critical function in your office.  Which is why sending it to a larger firm – that will continue to supply even with staff resignations and sickness – is will placed.  Our payroll solutions can include providing your team members with individual employee portals with their employment contract, appraisals, payslips and written warnings to more simple solutions for small employers. 

We also assist you with payroll processing by producing an audit ready payroll pack for each pay period.  So if you have a superannuation audit, payroll tax audit or employee question on leave entitlements you have a controlled knowledge bank of how the calculations were done ands when so you can always refer back to it. 

We are also capable of preparing and lodging monthly payroll tax returns in every state of Australia that your staff are located in.  So the payroll tax compliance of your business, including the calculation of your shared payroll tax threshold, is correctly done. 

And because your salary payments are reported to the ATO with each pay cycle, that then agrees to the BAS and then to your tax return – having your payroll managed within a team of expert tax advisors makes complete sense. 

Further we understand that payroll processing increases in complexity as your employees grow.  So, streamlining and automating reportable superannuation, fringe benefits tax contributions, motor vehicle and travel allowances – together with reductions like union fees – is important to ensure you have a competent, reliable and cost-effective platform to manage your staff payroll.

In effect we run a full HR compliance platform for your team – so you can focus on talent management, recruitment and optimising you’re the people in your business.  Basically it means that your HR people can actually become HR people and not quasi bookkeepers reporting to the ATO. 

And at Westcourt we do not engage offshore labour to manage your payroll solutions.  So the relationship manager handling your high level tax affairs can easily talk to your Westcourt payroll manager and get to the base of what is going on.  

So with our deep technical expertise, payroll specialists, end-to-end tax reporting strategy and streamlined systems – Westcourt is your natural cost effective choice for running your payroll – call us today.  

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