Family Business CFO services giving insight into your family business and family offices finances now and in the future

How will we make your family business great? By thinking long-term with our CFO consulting services.

CFO Services and Business Consulting

Family owned businesses have an advantage over their listed counterparts.  A family will think long term – 30 years: not 3 years.  And in a family business; it is not all about business.

Our knowledge and experience in leveraging the unique advantages of families working in business gives out clients a unique benefit when it comes to making their business great.

We offer the following Business Consulting services:

  • Goal setting and forecasting for your business
  • Chairing family board meetings
  • Review of bank security positions across your family and business assets
  • Producing real time financial reports with minimum effort
  • Identifying the cost of a decision before you make it
  • Assisting junior family members with financial literacy
  • Negotiation with unhappy family members
  • Stressed business advisory
  • Drafting guidelines which accept or exit family members from the business
  • Identifying financial levers in your business that makes a big impact
  • Creating employee share schemes and incentives while maintaining control
  • Helping you sell the business and get it ready for sale
  • Directorships of business
  • Investigating future business acquisitions
  • Break-even analysis
  • Benchmarking and KPI tracking
  • Mentoring
  • Management of investor (or distant relative!) correspondence
  • Business succession and family business progression
  • Monthly or fortnightly reviews of your internal accounts

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