Helping other families in business succeed. ​

Our Origins

Our business started like many others.

Ross rented an office cubicle from his Dad and he had a go at doing something. He left the comforts of an international firm and went about building something of his own. Craig was the second team member to come on board and, over time, through perseverance, and entrepreneurial flair they have both built the business into what it is today.

We know what it’s like to create a business from nothing. This means we have first-hand experience in helping others who are doing the same. One thing that has not changed is our hunger and desire to help other families in business succeed. The team that supports Ross and Craig has the same philosophy. Each person at Westcourt is eager and wants to make families in business become great.

Our Purpose

Westcourt makes family owned businesses great!

We want to see family owned businesses become the primary driver of Australian profits, innovation, and employment.

We will do that by cutting red tape, giving financial certainty, increasing after tax wealth, and transferring wealth from one generation to the next.

Our Values

Our values direct how we work as a team and who we want to be.

Act with love

It is not enough to simply care. We need to love who we are, love what we do, love our teammates, love our clients and love our community. And our actions need to show that. ​

Be famous

We need to be so great at what we do that we dominate that area's thought space. Our work must be beyond great – it must make us famous. ​

Speak up

Every person's point of view is important. We want to understand people and hear what they think and their opinions. ​ ​

Why Us


At Westcourt we are a focussed firm. We only help families in business. Every person has a single desire to help business families.


Our commitment to technical excellence in tax compliance and tax advisory translates into real world value and opportunity.


We do not run timesheets. We price our work upfront and we do not charge for telephone calls or just checking in with our clients.

Our Team

Meet our geniuses who make success a priority for your firm!

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