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Tax planning and tax strategy has transitioned from a once-a-year reactive event to an ongoing process that occurs in real-time. And the tax planning team at Westcourt is acutely aware of the need to do tax planning in advance to focus on eliminating tax risks, complying with the tax law, and understanding future opportunities in a business or transaction.

At Westcourt we are committed to protecting our clients from complex tax audits or doing reactive “catch-up work” that is fundamentally ineffective. Our tax planning team is committed to remaining at the leading edge of tax law – both administrative and technical – to ensure that our clients stay compliant and properly structured. And this applies to tax law for SMSF, corporate, trust, individual or partnership structures (and hybrid variations).

Taxation law is in a constant state of flux. The administrative position and view taken by the ATO is continuously changing. Politicians introduce rules on an ongoing basis to transform the economy, and the courts continue to hold decisions on contentious tax cases that impact the wider community. So, this constant change that will present ongoing tax planning risks and opportunities.

This is where Westcourt is different. Our commitment to tax leadership can be seen through the Tax Institute locally and GGI Globally, together with the support of CCH Gold and Business Fitness.  And this commitment to technical excellence flows through to the entire team and onto our clients in the form tax planning and strategy advice that creates real-world value.

Some tax planning items, like discretionary trust distributions, are essential and can be incredibly routine for simple, stable businesses. So, the engagement of tax technology to automate tax planning – like using Now Infinity – significantly reduces the cost of tax planning to free up opportunities to focus on tax planning strategies that create opportunities for families in business and the family investment assets.

The tax planning opportunities for property development, retention, and succession are significant for property-focused families. From holding property in a unit trust, SMSF, company, hybrid faith, discretionary trust, or simply in a person’s name, the impact and integration of local, state and federal taxes are significant at an indirect and direct level. A simple example is how, in WA, shares transferred in companies and unit trusts that own real estate under $2m is not subject to stamp duty.

For global businesses seeking to enter Australia, or Australian businesses branching offshore, the power of the GGI global network allows us to consider and provide a single piece of tax planning advice that covers both networks. So, you can be assured that the tax planning strategy work you obtain is focused on the big picture and not just the Australian tax position.

Westcourt is a natural choice if tax matters to you.  If you want to ensure you have a fully compliant documented tax planning and tax strategy piece you can be certain our practice will be providing that single source of advice. With a commitment to documenting our tax positions and tax advice, leading-edge tax knowledge, focus on what matters, tax technology solutions and deep global connections, we are a clear choice for people who want tax planning advice and tax strategy advice that makes a real-world permanent benefit – so why not call us today.

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