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Can I crowdfund my business?

Crowdfunding is a new and evolving area for many business owners and their families. So the tax effect of crowdfunding i...

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Is your keyman insurance policy tax deductible? (and other succession q’s)

The death of a fellow shareholder in a business is a distressing period. Sure – the period of grief may not have b...

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How do I make a crisis management plan?

A crisis management plan is a simple concept to explain. It is a plan to guide your loved ones in the event of a crisis....

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GST changes for property developers are coming on 1 July 2018

Property developers and their extended family will face a significant change in the taxation of their developments. In p...

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Short term v long term financing

An accountant for a family business is constantly looking at forward cashflows. Be it upcoming tax liabilities, loan rep...

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Heading internationally? Here are some tax tips for your family business

At some stage every family business will contemplate branching overseas – either online, export or inbound service...

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Does your bank manager need managing?

A family business, especially in Perth, must have a great relationship with a bank. The ability to get funds quickly and...

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Why depreciation makes your business reports useless.

Everybody knows about depreciation (really?). Sadly sometimes a person’s knowledge about how depreciation impacts on a f...

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Superannuation funds have a hidden death tax impacting your family

Did you know that your superannuation funds can have a hidden tax payable on death? A good tax advisor or SMSF Specialis...

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