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Our blog is created by us. It is our thoughts and ideas on how a family in business can become great.

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Getting the bank to back your family business: going beyond the broker

In most family-owned businesses the bank is an extremely important business partner.  Quite often the bank will be the s...

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Boosting your superannuation fund through the small business CGT concessions

The small business capital gains tax concessions offer a myriad of ways to enjoy the sale of the family business with a ...

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How to create a business plan that impacts on a family business

Creating a business plan for a family business is often seen as an academic affair.  Quite often the small business acco...

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Financial Reporting: 6 Simple Ways to Understand Your Financial Statements

The operation of a family business is difficult.  And the ability to understand the financial performance and money flow...

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Tax structuring for tax-deductible life insurance and income protection policies

Have I effectively tax structured my life insurance and income protection insurance policies? Life insurance and income ...

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Using fringe benefits tax as a recruitment tool

A lot of family businesses think that fringe benefits tax (FBT) is simply another regulatory headache.  With the presenc...

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The labour government denial of franking credit refunds: 4 SMSF strategies to consider

The current labour government proposal to remove the refund of franking credits for SMSF’s and other taxpayers is a sign...

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Debt recycling to get your family ahead

A lot of business owners and families in business in Perth actively look at debt recycling.   And at its essence, the co...

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Labour’s attack on negative gearing: how to structure your portfolio

We have seen numerous examples of governments attacking the tax benefits of negative gearing.  However,the most signific...

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