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Tax tips & traps: Investing overseas

Owning a rental property overseas can be a great idea for a business family.  It gives you diversification, tax perks an...

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Tax strategies to keep your assets safe from attack

Every business family has worries.  Money worries.  Strategy worries.  Staff worries.  Tax worries. One of the biggest w...

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How much stock should I be holding?

The level of inventory you hold in your family business is often a great worry to the CEO and the family who own the bus...

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Using your SMSF to buy your first home

A lot of people have used their superannuation fund to buy a property.  And on the face of it;  it is a great idea.  The...

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The main residence exemption: Strategies to get it working for you

Our best tax lurk ever. The main residence exemption is incredible.  You can sell your home tax free.  This is a rare si...

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Understanding the key role of a Bookkeeper

The decision to hire a bookkeeper can be an important one.  A start up family business is typically tight on cash on low...

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Tax advantages from the right property development structures

A break even property development can still lose money. Property development structures can make or break a project. Sad...

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Increased taxation on utes, trucks and panel vans

Recent taxation changes have effectively reduced the tax deductions on one tonne utes. A ute is not a car If you keep yo...

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Having more in your super fund may not mean a higher income

As a kid my parents drilled home the importance of saving money for my retirement.  And logic says that is a great idea....

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