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A non-exec director can destroy a family business

The benefits of an independent board of directors are numerous. You enjoy discipline, outside thinking and you enjoy a l...

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Negatively geared rental properties under a government tax attack

Recent government tax changes have affected the negative gearing of rental properties. However the changes, while signif...

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Unit trusts and property investors: a perfect combination for your family

The much maligned unit trust has a key role in families undertaking property investments. Why most accountants do not li...

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Doubling your superannuation tax deductions through reserves

It would be great if life operated in a straight line. Your business would slowly go on a nice upward trajectory year in...

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How to protect your inheritance to vulnerable family members

Every family wants to make sure that their legacy, and the family business, is preserved and continues – in a tax ...

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The one ratio that your family business can run on

Do you find the world of “accountant speak” confusing? It is no wonder. With with a world of numbers crossin...

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Your new financial year resolutions

The start of a new financial year normally brings around a sense of trepidation among many. Was our stocktake done prope...

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Give your kids a job description

One of the greatest joys in being a parent is that your children cannot sack you and find another.  You can repeatedly m...

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Getting rid of receipts while travelling

I recently did a technical presentation in Bangkok to a group of family business people.  And while the material, and di...

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