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FBT and other taxes

If we're looking at fringe benefits tax, where we try and talk about it existing with other taxes is this concept of a rep.

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Main residence exemption

The really important thing that's happening now, is that if you're a foreign tax resident of Australia, the main residence.

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How to sell your home tax free

If you're an Australian, your family home is often your largest asset. And the ability to sell back home tax-free is an im.

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How to defend yourself against a preference claim

Basically, you're in business and someone pays you, they go into liquidation and the liquid they want you to pay your mone.

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Snapshot of the WA State Government stimulus package COVID-19

The WA State Government has released their own $607 million stimulus package in response to Covid-19. This includes payrol.

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Snapshot of the stimulus provided by the Federal government

The Federal Government has released a $17.6 billion stimulus in response to Covid-19. A second Federal Stimulus is in the .

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Claiming Tax on Staff Christmas Gifts

Coming up to Christmas and a lot of people want to give their staff and their team a little reward as a thank you for doin.

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Common sense in accounting

The election on Saturday was an incredible response: one that was not anticipated by our practice. It is important to look.

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Five ways to make a more sustainable business

The focus on many business operators is to provide a more stable business stream.  In a world of volatility and uncertaint.

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