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How to defend yourself against a preference claim

Basically, you're in business and someone pays you, they go into liquidation and the liquid they want you to pay your mone.

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When can a binding death benefit nomination be a bad idea?

Estate planning for business families is difficult.  There is a raft of legal terms like enduring powers of attorney, test.

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How to deal with conflict in the family business

If you are a family running a business you will inevitability have conflict.  The conflict might be over financial matters.

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Government tax attack on testamentary trusts changes estate plans

The use of a testamentary trusts for estate planning has been common practice for many Perth business families.  The testa.

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The financial aspects of a divorce

A preliminary guide to common issues asked by couples who are separating. The act of leaving a spouse is always difficult..

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What to consider before signing a personal guarantee

By Westcourt Blogger Personal guarantees are a standard business practice in commercial transactions, however, they are of.

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Separation and super

By Westcourt Blogger Since superannuation forms one of a couple’s biggest assets, splitting superannuation after a separat.

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New high income threshold

By Westcourt Blogger The Fair Work Commission has increased the high income threshold for unfair dismissals from $136,700 .

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Intellectual property law basics

By Westcourt Blogger While intellectual property can be a valuable business asset for business owners, it must be legally .

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